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Flavored loaves free from gluten. By Chef Andrea Pini Suitable for Celiac

Premixed flour
 250 gr. 
Xantic Gum 
1 teaspoon  
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Fresh yeast
25 gr. 
Lukewarm milk or water
250 c.c. 
1  teaspoon  
1  teaspoon  
Vegetable Oil
1 teaspoon
Mix the dough with grated or shredded cheese. Put a tablespoon of the
preparation in the MiniSouflee, hit it a bit to avoid air bubbles.
Microwave on low (10%) for a minute, let it rest for a minute and then
microwave at 60 % (baking power) for 1 minute. Let it rest for 5 minutes
before removing it from its mould.
Onion, garlic and herbs can be added depending on the expected flavor.
Mini focaccias can also be made by adding gently fried onion and parsley.



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