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Red Pepper stuffed with creamy sweet corn and mozzarella

Red Pepper
Salt and Pepper
to taste
White sauce (Bechamel)
100 gr
Creamy sweet corn
1 can
1 spoonful
Chopped onion
½ unit
Chopped chives
2 spoonful
Corn starch
½ coffeespoon
2 slices
Cut the red pepper into two halves lengthwise. Remove seeds and veins. Add salt and pepper and place each half in each cavity of the MultiCocción. Put the lid and microwave for 2 minutes on high.
Mix carefully during 2 minutes the White sauce together with the creamy sweet corn already processed, the onion, the egg , the nutmeg, the chives the corn starch and add salt and pepper.
Stuff the already microwaved halves with the creamy sweet corn preparation and microwave for 3 ½ minutes on high. Then add the mozzarella and microwave au gratin for 1 minute. (see the Microcheff White Sauce recipe)


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