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Cold Chicken and Yougurt Pie (without cholesterol)

Ingredients 4 portions:
200 gr.
½ unit
Red pepper
½ unit
1 spoonful
Skimmed natural yogurt
5 spoonful
Mayonnaise without cholesterol
5 spoonful
Gelatine without savor
1 cdita
Salt and pepper
to taste
Dice the Chicken in 1 cm. cubes. Dice the onion and pepper in ½ cm. cubes. Place in the MultiCocción up to ¾ parts of its capacity. Add salt and pepper. Put the lid on and microwave for 4 ½ minutes on high. Then let it cool and chop everything. Mix the mayonnaise without cholesterol with the skimmed yogurt, add the gelatine without savor and the chopped chives. Then add the chicken, pepper and onion.
Put the preparation in various MiniSouflee. Let them cool in a refrigerator for ½ hour then unmold them on plates to serve.


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